Opportunity: Become a Shopfront Board Member

Opportunity: Become a Shopfront Board Member

Shopfront Arts Co-op is seeking a new Board Member with skills in Development & Fundraising, in line with our Board Composition & Recruitment Policy. If you think this is you, we would love to hear from you!

See more information below, and download the Candidate Information Pack at the bottom of this page.

To apply, please send a cover letter outlining your interest in the role, and a copy of your resume to apply@shopfront.org.au



Shopfront Arts Co-op is the home of youth arts.

Shopfront stands as Sydney’s only cross-artform organisation led by and dedicated to the
artistry of Young People. For over four decades, Shopfront has amplified the voices of Young People. Supported by practising, professional artists, our Young People make bold and ambitious works of creative expression. We are an inclusive community of artists sharing a common goal of making great art (and having a lot of fun along the way).

Our artistic practice is co-operative. Our process of collaborative art making is social, political, and empowering. Our Young People are challenged to consider their place in the world and respond to it through art of all forms.

Working with established artists, our Young People experience art as valued creators, developing critical thinking and a lifelong love of the arts.




As part of a Board of nine Directors with a diverse mix of skills, representation, tenure and experience, Board Members work with our Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director and core artistic team to provide strategic leadership and ensure the organisation has sustainable resources to fulfil its vision, mission, artistic and organisational goals.

The role of a Shopfront Director includes 

• attending 6–8 board meetings, usually at Shopfront premises during the calendar year

• advising, and actively participating in, board meetings and specialised board committees
(e.g. fundraising, infrastructure)

• providing strategic advice and expertise on matters arising as required to the Board and executive management (including monitoring, evaluating and reviewing the organisation’s program and performance, and maintaining accountability and compliance)

• representing and promoting the organisation and its programs and services to stakeholders, including government, philanthropic organisations and donors

• attending performances/presentations and events during the calendar year, and

• engaging with the cooperative membership




The Cooperative Rules allow for a Board of nine (9) Directors, each over the age of
18, who are responsible for managing the business of the co-operative (Rule 36).

Directors may be elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting or otherwise
appointed by a majority vote of the Board to fill casual vacancies (Rules 39 and 42).
The Co-operative Rules do not otherwise provide instruction about the specific composition and diversity of the Board.

To the extent possible within the boundaries of the Cooperative Rules, and particularly
where Directors are appointed by a majority vote of the Board to fill casual vacancies, it is
in Shopfront’s interest to address the following considerations in determining Board composition:

• the ownership of Shopfront, as a cooperative, by its members;

• the legal obligations of Directors, including their collective and individual responsibility(ies)
to manage the business of the cooperative, drive its strategic direction and ensure it is
well governed with a focus on strong financial management and sustainability (including by
reference to satisfying diverse funding sources);

• the artistic vision and operational needs of Shopfront, as managed by permanent
core staff, including the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director; and

• inclusion of individuals representing diverse backgrounds and qualities, including age,
gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, political beliefs, sexual
orientation and physical ability.

The ideal composition and diversity of Shopfront’s Board must include the following
essential perspectives and skills—

• Arts and/or arts administration

• Business development, including sponsorship and fundraising

• Finance and risk

• Legal and governance

• Membership of Shopfront as a ‘young person’ (two positions)

• Operational – Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

Preferably, the ideal composition and diversity of Shopfront’s Board should also include
the following perspectives and skills—

• Education and/or community arts and cultural development

• Information technology

• Marketing, including digital marketing

• Membership of Shopfront as a ‘parent/caregiver’

• Philanthropic sponsorship, particularly in the arts sector

• Social media

• Strategic management, including resource management

Note: The perspective and skills listed above are listed alphabetically and do not reflect any particular order of priority.

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