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Together we are a powerful collective

All of our Shopfront Young People are our members, and this co-op structure means that our Young People determine the purpose and rules of our co-op. As members they are equally entitled to vote on core issues that shape the co-op as a whole. Shopfront is a platform for emerging arts leaders. And we, as an organisation, are leaders in youth advocacy and consultation.

From our first members in 1976 who fundraised to buy our very own building with 50-hour act‑a‑thons, and with government and community support, a legacy of shared purpose has continued. Being a member of Shopfront means you are part of something. You are responsible for something. You aren’t just one Young Person trying to shout above the noise. Together we are a powerful collective.

Carlee Heise

Shopfront Young Leader

My favourite thing about being the Shopfront Young Leader is the collaboration with Members of all ages. I have the privilege of listening to all of your amazing ideas and doing everything I can to make them happen.”

A Shopfront Member Journey

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