Welcome to Shopfront!
We have a big team of artists and staff who make the magic happen at the Home of Youth Arts. 

Our Core Staff team work in our office and behind the scenes, to keep Shopfront running daily. If you’d like to contact any of us, our details are included in our staff profiles below.

We also have a fantastic team of teaching artists who are the friendly faces of our workshop and ensemble programs! You can meet them HERE.

Shopfront is a place for Young People to explore performance, visual arts and digital arts, use their imagination and work with others to create art. Shopfront’s primary activities are to: 

  • enable creative expression by Young People through providing artistic resources, guidance, and a theatre
  • produce creative works realised by Young People
  • provide equitable, inclusive access to all Young People to participate in artistic and cultural activity. 

Shopfront staff members are governed by a Code of Conduct. As part of this Code of Conduct, our staff and tutors agree to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and honesty, including children, young people, parents/guardians, staff and volunteers
  • Be a positive role model to children/young people
  • Care for the wellbeing of Young People as trusted adults in their lives
  • Abide by our Child Safe & Social Media Policies
  • Report risks of harm to Young People

More information on Child Safe practices can be found here

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