Amelia Gilday

Amelia Gilday

People Living with Disability and/or who are d/Deaf Advisory

Shopfront is a place for Young People to explore performance, visual arts and digital arts, use their imagination and work with others to create art. Shopfront’s primary activities are to: 

  • enable creative expression by Young People through providing artistic resources, guidance, and a theatre
  • produce creative works realised by Young People
  • provide equitable, inclusive access to all Young People to participate in artistic and cultural activity. 

Shopfront staff members are governed by a Code of Conduct. As part of this Code of Conduct, our staff and tutors agree to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and honesty, including children, young people, parents/guardians, staff and volunteers
  • Be a positive role model to children/young people
  • Care for the wellbeing of Young People as trusted adults in their lives
  • Abide by our Child Safe & Social Media Policies
  • Report risks of harm to Young People

More information on Child Safe practices can be found here

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