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Child Safety

All children working with or engaged by Shopfront Arts Co-op have a right to feel and be safe, respected, valued and protected from harm. Children should be made aware of and feel confident in their rights and responsibilities.

Shopfront Arts Co-op is strongly committed to the safety and well-being of all children that interact with our organisation as employees, audience members, participants or otherwise by creating and maintaining a child safe environment. The welfare of children entrusted under our care is our first priority and we have zero tolerance for child abuse.

Access Shopfront’s ChildSafe Policy here.

Parents, Caregivers and Young People with suggestions, concerns or questions about Shopfront’s Child Safe procedures can contact:

  • Lauren Oakes, Associate Producer – Access & Inclusion,
  • Natalie Rose, Creative Director,


Shopfront Arts Co-op will take all necessary steps to prevent and protect children from abuse and neglect including:

  • Physical abuse: purposefully injuring or threatening to injure a child
  • Emotional abuse: an attack on a child’s self-esteem e.g. through bullying, threatening, ridiculing, intimidating or isolating the child
  • Sexual abuse: any sexual act or sexual threat imposed upon a child
  • Neglect: harming a child by failing to provide basic physical or emotional necessities.
  • Child grooming: befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child with the objective of sexual abuse.


Child Safety Education for Young People

Bravehearts is the leader in personal safety education in Australia, offering a range of programs targeted at children from Early Years right through to high school. Our programs are professionally developed according to the learning needs of each specific age group and are highly trusted and acclaimed by teachers and parents nationwide.

Safe4Kids Protective Education Program
The Safe4Kids Protective Education Program is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive child protection education program designed to empower children and provide them with the skills that will help protect them from sexual abuse and build their resilience and assertiveness.


Online Complaints Form

Shopfront takes all complaints seriously. You may make a confidential complaint via our Online Complaints Form below:

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