Access & Inclusion

We are a fully inclusive organisation, meaning Shopfront is a space for anyone to attend.

It is our aim to provide the best support for you whilst in our venue and that can mean different things for different people.

If you have any queries with regards to Access & Inclusion, please do not hesitate to contact Shopfront’s Associate Producer- Access & Inclusion, Lauren Oakes, who would be happy to assist with your query

Venue Walkthrough Video

Want to know what our venue is like before visiting? Take a look!

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Social Story

Planning on attending a workshop at Shopfront Arts Co-op? We’ve created a social story to support what your first visit would look like.

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Financial Support


Times are a little challenging for everyone right now. In 2023, we are committed to working with parents and Young People to ensure no Shopfront member misses out. If you would like to get in contact with us about organising a possible Scholarship to cover some or all of your workshop fees, please get in contact. 


Creative Kids

Shopfront Arts Co-op is a registered Creative Kids provider. You can use your Creative Kids vouchers with us!
Find out more about Creative kids vouchers.



At present, Shopfront services may be claimed for self-managed and plan managed NDIS funds.
Find out more about NDIS and Shopfront.

Wellness at Shopfont

Workshops at Shopfront are delivered by experienced arts facilitators, many of whom are trained in Mental Health First Aid. We aim to create a safe environment to improve mental health and well-being for participants aged 8-25 through creative expression and exploration.

Our venue offers break out rooms and quiet spaces during workshop hours, ensuring our members have somewhere to go if they need a little time out.

A green logo that reads mental health first aider - accredited, with a white flower symbol around a green health cross

Shopfront Resources

We’ve put together a collection of resources for everyone we engage with. You can view them all on our resources page or below!

Young People





Mental Health Resources

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions from new participants

No previous experience necessary!

We have no specific dress code at Shopfront Arts Co-op, however we would recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing for your workshops and flat shoes (no heels please).

We recommend that all participants bring a bottle of water with them. If you are attending several workshops on the same day, we would recommend you bring a snack. Shopfront have a kitchenette facility that participants are welcome to use to fill up their water bottles, store food and warm your snacks.

When you attend your first workshop at Shopfront Arts, you will meet your group tutors and other participants. Remember, everyone who is currently enrolled was once a new member and our participants are there to support you on your first visit.

You can see all our tutors here

Participants are welcome to take time out of their designated workshop if they need to. A member of Shopfront staffing will check on you and support you.

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