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Shopfront in the community

Images: Knitting circle at St George Metre Squared, a Shopfront community art festival; The Kogarah Concert Band at St George Metre Squared; Sing Choir at St George Metre Squared; Community art-making; Students enjoying at art installation at Shopfront’s Sunset Square in Kogarah; Dancers at Shopfront’s Sunset Square. Working with Beverly Hills Girls’ High School, Kogarah High School, Kogarah IEC, Woniora Road School, Advance Diversity Services and Al Zahra Muslim Women’s Association.

Working in the community

Our Shopfront community extends beyond our walls with our artist networks, co-produced works, and our socially engaged programs that dive into the heart of community social issues, working to resolve those issues through dialogue and artistic thinking.

We create collaborative art making projects that are responsive to the needs of organisations and Young People. Through a collaborative process with professional artists, Young People discover tools to mobilise art to shift perceptions. In this process Young People uncover new imaginative possibilities and work towards the creation of a platform to share what matters to them, with their community and the wider public.

As a cross-art form community hub, Shopfront uses digital media, film, performance, theatre, sculpture, installation, as best suits the needs and desires of each project to support Young People in unleashing their imaginations. Shopfront works with schools, youth centres, migrant resource centres, disability support services, grass-roots community organisations and local councils in regular or intensive workshops.

Contact us at Shopfront for more information on how to partner with us to create a program or project shaped for your community.

Shopfront brings art, music and dance to the Kogarah community for Sunset Square. Video by Chris Meier.

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