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Shopfront working with your school

Shopfront delivers collaborative art projects which are socially engaged and
responsive to the needs of young people, communities and organisations.

Shopfront works with schools, youth services, disability support organisations and councils to give voice to young people, shift perceptions and to support connection for Young People who may be at risk of disengaging.

Shopfront uses digital media, performance, film, theatre, sculpture and installation according to the needs of the project and the interests of the young people involved. Shopfront’s professional artists engage with young people to share what is important to them, to create art works and convey messages to their communities.

Some of our recent Partnership projects include:

  • Lunchtime Drama workshops for primary school students
  •  High school students engaged in film making about diversity
  • Zoom and Google Classroom workshops in art making and drama
  • Program partnerships to re-engage Young People in schools and communities through creative practice and building connection to place.

School Matinees

Shopfront Matinees are an ideal school excursion. For large bookings we will provide you with a school information pack, a Q&A with the creatives, and teacher tickets. Contact Shopfront for more information and to make your booking.

School Incursions

Shopfront can come to you with our Shopfront School Incursions. Shopfront works across art forms and can shape our workshops, projects or performances to the needs of your school. We use digital media, film, performance, theatre, sculpture, installation, and art-making to encourage creative expression and to build confidence and community.


Playwave creates connections between Young People and the arts through immersive online and curated real life experiences. Playwave is an initiative from Shopfront and our Young People as a way of connecting Young People with the arts in Sydney and beyond. Playwave sign-up is free for ages 15-20, and we can work with your school to customise arts-based experiences involving our arts industry partners. Find out more about Playwave.

Images: Students making art for St George Metre Square, a Shopfront community festival; Moorefield Girls High students signing up to Playwave; Kogarah High Mural Project, in partnership with Advance Diversity Services and working with Urban Art Australia; Q&A with a Shopfront audience; St George Metre Squared. Working with Beverly Hills Girls’ High School, Kogarah High School, Kogarah IEC, Woniora Road School, Advance Diversity Services and Al Zahra Muslim Women’s Association.

Mark, Principal, James Cook Boys Technology High

The students developed skills and attitudes that the school could not provide and students were exposed to learning opportunities that challenged not only their practical skills but also their values and ideals about the world around them. We look forward to future opportunities to work with Shopfront.”

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