ARTSLAB: Drifters

18 – 22 OCTOBER &

ArtsLab: Drifters is a festival of new work from Western Sydney’s most exciting emerging artists. Experimenting in theatre and performance art, blending dance, history, experience, music and youth for a vibrant festival at 107 Redfern.

This year, Shopfront’s ArtsLab residency continues to expand its program, partnering with Q Theatre, Penrith to deliver two week-long festivals of new works at 107 Projects, Redfern and The Joan, Penrith.

2023 ArtsLab WNW Residents: Adam Yoon, Anna Krywyj Moore, Divya Lotlicker, Irelish Barker

Adult $25 / Concession $20 / Shopfront/Playwave Member $15
Gallery Entry $10 (Show ticket includes Gallery Entry)
Day Passes (Entry to all shows and Gallery Entry): Adult $60 / Concession $50 / Shopfront/Playwave Member $40



REDFERN SEASON – 107 Redfern St, Redfern 18 – 22 OCT
OPENING NIGHT – Wednesday 18 October
 – Friday 20 October
INDUSTRY NIGHT – Saturday 21 October @ 6:30PM
Presented by Shopfront Arts Co-op and Q Theatre at 107 Projects Redfern

PENRITH SEASON – The Joan, Penrith 9 – 11 NOV
OPENING NIGHT – Thursday 9th November
Presented by Shopfront Arts Co-op and Q Theatre at The Joan, Penrith

Image by Joshua Morris


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maintenance /ˈmeɪn.tən.əns/

Noun – the process of preserving a condition or situation or the state of being preserved -a situation in which something continues to exist or is not allowed to become less 

Sensations of Maintenance is a devised theatre work exploring the living process of continuity and change in our lives. What happens when we learn to unthread, listen and reveal what quietly maintains us and our relations? When given the choice, can we learn to let go and re-thread new ways of relating to what has come before?  Through fragments and threads of sound, memory and movement the piece seeks to take apart and play with the frames we set up for ourselves and those that have been setup for us by others.

The piece will explore the manic, mysterious and mercurial moment we find ourselves in when we are confronted with choice and the possibility of letting something fall away.


Created by Adam Yoon

Mentored by Martin Del Amo

‘And I don’t know what home is anymore, if not a feeling. This terrible, longing feeling’.

In an exciting blend of performance poetry and theatre, Red Soup tells the story of two women and two invasions of Ukraine; Oma is escaping Germany’s invasion of Ukraine in 1941, and Jade is a serial home renovator, arriving at her next project. 

Where is home when you’ve been running from it all your life?


Written and Directed by Anna Moore
Mentored by Jess Arthur

In this living installation, Divya explores a space that represents her childhood bedroom, a space that was a refuge from the world and a world in itself.
One Self over the Crimson Nest touches on the surreal gap between reality and the unknown, a gap in which every version of our self exists. Over the course of the season, expect this space to transform, as the walls begin to carry the memories and emotions from years past.

Created by Divya Lotliker
Mentored by Valerie Berry

Our story begins in a nightclub, our story ends in a nightclub, but this show isn’t really about a nightclub. 

CURBSQUATTERS is a fresh new work written and directed by Irelish Barker. A somewhat auto-biographical story, CURBSQUATTERS explores the trials and tribulations of clubbing culture amongst young people. It is a collection of conversations and moments, set on the street outside of a popular nightclub. Join this group of bold characters they navigate relationships, arguments and trepidation; as they discuss their thoughts and share their experiences regarding love, lust, regret, and harassment. 

Watch to see who in this motley crew ends the night on a high, and who will be sinking in their glass come midnight. 

Written and Directed by Irelish Barker
Mentored by Emma Saunders

CAST: Clementine de la Hunty, Breanna Boyd, Casey Cleary, Thomas Harper, Jack Taylor, Natasha Pontoh-Supit


Adam Yoon is a movement artist/theatre maker with an interest in exploring creative processes through physical and collaborative devised storytelling. He was a member of the inaugural Art Gallery of New South Wales Youth Collective and a member of the PYT Youth Ensemble 2019-2020. In 2020, he took part in Playwrights of Parramatta and participated in Ninefold Theatre’s Cohort Program. He was a dramaturg for ‘A Game for Flies’ by Bria McCarthy which played at PYT and ‘From Morning to Midnight’ directed by Eugene Lynch. Recent collaborations include devisor and dramaturg for ‘Moon Rabbit Rising’ by Nicole Pingon presented by Little Eggs Collective at Belvoir 25A and is involved in Q Theatre’s 2023 Originate Ensemble for emerging artists. Adam currently works at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre supporting research around early childhood development and youth mental health.

Adam will be mentored by MARTIN DEL AMO.

Anna Krywyj Moore is a playwright and poet based between the bush of the Blue
Mountains and the beach of Wollongong. Anna’s poetic anthology, ‘From Adam’s Rib’
has been published by Story Factory Parramatta. Her play, ‘Her Name was Inna’ is
currently being produced for the Australian Theatre of Young People’s Intersection
Festival and published by Currency Press. Her awards include shortlisting in the
Tertangala Prose and Poetry Contest, and her play ‘Lady Lazarus’ was nominated for
OnStage 2021. Anna is a member of the Australian Theatre of Young People’s Youth
Advisory Body. Anna currently attends the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor
of Arts and a Bachelor of Creative Arts. Anna is passionate about her Ukrainian heritage
and how remembering can ignite conversations about current issues.

Anna will be mentored by JESS ARTHUR

Divya Lotliker primarily works as a visual artist with a developing interest in exploring performance art as a way of expanding her reach into questions about human nature and the fabric of reality. 

Consistent themes in her work include the collective nature of this life, as experienced deeply by ‘individuals,’ our attachment to and experience of suffering and our dynamic relationship with religiosity, spirituality and lack thereof. All of this is rooted in the wisdom of eastern philosophies and questions about how our emotions and worldviews influence our relationships with other people and ourselves.

Divya will be mentored by VALERIE BERRY


Irelish Barker (She/Her) is an emerging actor, writer and theatre maker living and creating on unceded Dharawal country. Irelish completed her Bachelors in Performance at the University of Wollongong in 2021. Since graduating she has explored her passion for script writing and theatre making through her own independent works. She wrote for and performed in “Feral Women” (2022) which was written and devised in collaboration with Crush Collective Arts, funded by the Wollongong Council. She had an excerpt of her debut script “CURBSQAUTTERS” performed at MerrigongX’s Made From Scratch in March and most recently has been working with the Dire Theatre Company. Irelish is passionate about uplifting female presenting and young peoples voices in theatre. Her script “CURBSQAUTTERS”  explores the trials, tribulations and connections we make with others on a night out.

Irelish will be mentored by EMMA SAUNDERS

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