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 no place like tomorrow by Eric Jiang

no place like tomorrow is an art film written and directed by Eric Jiang. The work uses dialogue and dance to explore how Chinese-diasporic and queer identities shape non-normative time experiences.

Run Time: 30 minutes

Content Warnings: explicit language, sexual references (references to violence)

RETITLED by Jason Liu

The perceived notion of internet culture is seen as inferior to that of traditional media to the opposing generation. Retitled is a series of artworks which challenges this value through subverting expectation by appropriating aspects from the differing values to juxtapose traditional and modern media provoking a satirical take on these perceived ideals.

Content Warnings: Imagery of violent situations, adult humor

what is saudade is yuánfèn is longing by Linda Chen

Smoke seeps through in a bushfire summer smells like // cigarettes in Grandpa’s Shanghai apartment smells like // incense on the day your most loved // turn to ash.

How do you pack away a life?

Constructed from fragmented, personal family memories, what is saudade is yuánfèn is longing is a one woman art project exploring notions of home and the pull between the disintegration and (re)claiming of cultural/family identity as westernised Chinese diaspora.  Framed in the context of both personal and collective grief, loss and longing, this is an attempted reliving of the things you can’t take with you, as well as the discovery that some things – they don’t ever really leave.

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