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Locomotion is a soundscape focused on what happens on the journey between Redfern and Carlton train stations. The sounds of the local suburbs, commuters, and the mechanical hums and hisses of train carriages and stations are woven together into a work that immerses the listener in their journey.


Fearless Identities

My project will reveal the life changes that happened to or are happening to the migrants living in Australia. I will tell their stories with portraiture and still life paintings of objects found in their household that reflect the changes or maybe compromises they made for living in this country.



Pack Rat is a two-channel video work exploring gender as a constellation of physical sensations. The work will be created in collaboration with a group of “collectors” who will respond to a series of prompts encouraging them to explore their experience of gender. The work will consider ideas of queer joy, friendship, aesthetics, and archiving, and will ask its creators and audience to reflect on their own experiences of gender euphoria.

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