Sunday 21 February, 4.30pm – THE INFINITY MIRROR

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Who are we when we are driving home from work? When we’re in the shower? When we’re on facebook? What’s the difference? The Infinity Mirror explores the nature of identity in the internet age, and asks who owns the versions we produce of ourselves online. In the age of new technologies that can fundamentally undermine our ability to control our own image and identities in an online landscape – The Infinity Mirror is a portrait of a fractured woman, unsure of where she stands when her own face and voice are used against her.

Running Time: 50 minutes

Content Warnings: Coarse Language, reference to sexual themes and abuse, partial nudity, reference to pornography, haze, strobe

Recommended for ages 15+

This ticket also entitles you to free gallery entrance to see no place like tomorrow, RETITLED & what is saudade is yuánfèn is longing

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