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BUFFY has been an active member of Shopfront for ten years. She grew up locally and attended Blakehurst High before moving to Moorefield High to pursue her drama education. There, Buffy was part of various leadership programs including LEAPS, which partnered with a law firm in the CBD, and MOSAIC, which partnered with UNSW.

As an active member of Shopfront, Buffy participates in many different play-building and film-making workshops, was part of the founding of the youth council, The Voice of Shopfront, and also helps with various Outreach programs such as going to Menai High to help students learn about Hepatitis C.

Buffy studied Business Services and did work placement at both Mortdale Primary School and in the Shopfront office.

She has fallen in love with Shopfront and everything that it stands for, and jumps at any opportunity to help out, whether it be at Bunnings Sausage Sizzles or MC-ing at end of term showings.

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