Jamie Kha

Teaching Artist

Jamie Theam Kha, also known by his artist name Ja.z – An Australian born Cambodian/Vietnamese individual dancing for more than 10 years, with a fusion of street dance styles of breaking, house, popping, authentic jazz, and many other styles. Travelled around the world in the name of dance to understand and explore the demographic, culture, and social aspect of music, dance and people.

Founding member of Riddim Nation Est 2015 – A collective of individuals of different dance styles, cultures, and  ethnicities around the globe based all around Sydney, And Member of Hybrid Formz Est 2003, an all-breaking crew based in Bankstown with a long history in the Australian breaking scene.

Dancer and collaborator in Two Crews, directed by Nick Power and produced by Intimate spectacle – Commissioned by Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane Festivals through the MFI (Major Festivals Initiative). Involving his own crew Riddim Nation in collaboration with an all female crew Lady Rocks from Paris. The work was developed in both Sydney and Paris, Premiered at Sydney Festival 2020 with a follow up season at Adelaide Festival.


Directed and choreographed “Hybrid formz” at 107 Projects for Out of Iso curated by Nick power, presented by Intimate Spectacle and supported by City of Sydney. In collaboration with fellow crew members Anastasios Repousi (Lead artist in Cypher by Nick power) and Patrick Huynh. Taking inspiration from the actual crew name (Est 2003) and relevancy to the global pandemic when the government had put some constraints on people’s lives, Hybrid formz has spent the majority of lockdown training and sharing at Marrickville Library as way to cope with the situation. Using this experience as the base, the story was about a composition of different walks of life through a conversation of rhythmical individualism, with a blend of movement from all sorts of culture including breaking, krump, house and animal flow.

Early 2021 in March – Dancer and collaborator for Geometric flow, One of Adam Warburton’s most recent show that happened for March Dance 2021, a work that incorporates live graffiti, music and dance to demonstrate the relationship between the elements of hip-hop culture at the Petersham station underpass, as well participated and  collaborated in an earlier project, “Ramp boogie” as part of De Quincey Co: Platform 2019 Articulate Gallery, Leichhardt, Sydney


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