Lana Filies

Teaching Artist

 Lana is a South African/ Australian Actor, Writer, Director, Singer, Theatre-Maker, and Choreographer who grew up on Dharawal Country and currently resides on Gadigal land. Her devised practice aims to champion female voices and create work that sparks conversation and has a social impact. She graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2018 with a Bachelor of Performance (Acting.)  

In 2024, Lana will undergo training with Force Majure as part of their ‘Incite’ program. She is also in development for ‘Squatchwatch (Vaguely Ajacent) ’ and ‘Hearts Beating ( Karen Cummings) As a part of the Merrigong X Program.’.  

Lana wrote and starred in her debut play ‘Expiration Date’ (produced by Purple Tape Productions) at Adelaide Fringe (March 2023) and Meraki Arts Bar (April-May 2023).  


SOLACE ( Milk Crate Theatre x Box Of Birds, November 2023), Paper Planet (Polyglot x Sydney Opera House, September 2023), THE HOOFER (Fondue Set, Night time Right Time Festival, October 2023), CAMP (Siren Theatre Company, January 2023), WE ARE HERE: ENSEMBLE (2023 ongoing, Emma Saunders), ‘Where Shall We Meet’,  (Harness Ensemble, Shopfront Arts Co-Op 2022) , ‘DUST’ (Milk Crate Theatre X Sydney Theatre Company 2022), ‘Playpen’  (Dollhouse Collective X KXT 2022), ‘Tiny Universe’ (Shopfront Arts Co-op x Milk Crate theatre 2021).  


‘TENDER: A ORIGINAL MUSICAL’ (Shopfront Arts Co-Op, 2023), TEEN ANGST: AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL (Shopfront Arts Co-op, 2022), Young Company (Shopfront Arts Co-Op, MCA GEN NEXT FESTIVAL 2022).  

Lana is a proud MEEA Member   

Follow on socials @lanafilies for more. 

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