Mabelle Rose

Professional Young Person/Young People Advisory

Mabelle is a young actor, divisor, and a visual artist. She has been performing for 9 years aka since 2015. Mabelle has performed for Blacktown Arts, Shopfront Arts, Arts Unit, Sydney Festival, PACT,  and Performance Space. She has technically performed in New York via utero. Mabelle composed and performed in The Drawing (Natalie Rose and Chris Dunstan, 2015) and The Hungry Games (Natalie Rose and Chris Dunstan, 2016) by Blacktown and Shopfront Arts. She has performed and devised in Shopfront junior ensemble productions The Pecking Order (Mark Rodgers and Kevin Ng, 2018), The Unknown (Bonnie Cowan and Tegan Arazny, 2019), Never, Ever (Lauren Scott Young and Alex Tutton, 2020), Exquisite Corpse (Malcom Whittaker, 2022), Mums Tell Dad Jokes Too (Nicole Pingon and Tasha O’Brien, 2022), and Tender (Lana Filies and Lucy Heffernan, 2023). Mabelle helped with the creation of the 2022 Arts Unit State Drama show Consumerama by Sue Musgrove. She has performed in Sydney Festival with Ten Minute Dance Parties (2018). Her most recent performance was in the Nighttime Righttime Liveworks Festival for POST with Natalie Rose and Zoë Coombs Marr in 2023. Mabelle has been doing visual arts seriously for 4 years. She mainly paints with both acrylic and watercolour and does pottery but she can also draw.

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