Nick Vagne

Teaching Artist

Nick is a queer nonbinary Playwright, Theatre-Maker and Dramaturg from regional New South Wales. A founding member of the performance collective Vaguely Adjacent, Nick’s body of work consists proudly of new work either recently devised or written. Vaguely Adjacent’s debut work ‘Squatch Watch Live:’ is currently in development as a part of the MerrigongX program with Merrigong Theatre Company.

Nick’s writing style showcases work through unconventional writing structures and experimental form, to create a unique theatrical presentation of work that often holds the theme of uncovering tragic elements within comical situations. Nick describes it as “if a warm stranger opened a door for you, and then punched you in the chest as you walked through”. They take most of their inspiration from fringe groups, media personalities and conspiracy theories, they write and create new work for a range of voices presented through different performative styles and camp aesthetics.

In 2023 Nick has been a part of multiple amazing programs to create new work. These include Co-Directing for Milk Crate theatre in collaboration of the Waterloo creative ensemble for Manifesto a performative instillation about the investigation into the creative process and engaging with community about what makes all of us artists. As well as writing another play for young people for the Drama Studio’s Final draft program “Big trouble, Little Putter, an absurd short play about a kid’s birthday party going wrong and dressing adults as gnomes to escape the law.

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