Sharleen Ndlovu

Director of Finance and Governance

Sharleen is an award winning playwright, actor, director, tv presenter, and entrepreneur.

Trained through Amakhosi Theatre, South African Broadcasting Corporation, the Australian Writers Centre and Cardone business school.

She will be graduating from the International School of Colour and Design in 2024 – Interior Design Architecture.

She is a multi passionate individual and has definitively pursued both her artistic and professional careers.

Coming up to her 8th year since becoming a Shopfront Arts Co-op member as an artist, she has with the theatre’s Harness Ensemble received the Best Production For Young People, Sydney Theatre Awards – Dignity of Risk 2017 as a co creator and performer. Her commitment to amplifying young voices provided her with experience as a workshop facilitator. She was selected to represent Australia for worldwide Climate Change Theatre Action as a playwright under the mentorship of renowned playwright Lachlan Philpott. Anthology Where Is The Hope 2017. In 2021 she was appointed the assistant director for The Lies We Were Told play 2021.

In her latest professional role, she rose through the ranks from financial administration to senior leadership positions in 3 years, becoming the youngest in the organisation to do so. Her entrepreneurial journey has been parallel to this, spanning across the tourism, mining and e-commerce industries. Her unique blend of artistry and business have instilled in her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of creative expression and the importance of nurturing a curious spirit.

Sharleen is personally drawn to Shopfront Arts Co-op’s commitment to empowering Young People and providing them with a platform to express their individuality and creativity.

She is a carefree but also intentional individual who enjoys solo headphone concerts and knows an awful lot about mitochondria!

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