Tom Harper

Site Manager / Facilitator

Thomas Harper is an Australian performer who has acted in various plays and musicals for Shopfront arts co-op and other established theatres. Thomas’ ties to Shopfront arts continue to be enriched, going from young participant into staff and facilitator for many of Shopfront’s programs.

With an active passion in the community of arts and ingrained love for acting, Thomas enjoys creating emotionally impactful performances and meaningful pieces. ‘Hit Reset’ (2021), ‘The Lies We Were Told’ (2022), ‘Teen Angst'(2022) and ‘Curbsquatters’ (2023) (Artslab).Acting as Shopfront’s site manager and one of our many workshop facilitators, Tom’s passion for art intertwines with tutoring the Young People of Shopfront to encourage creativity and expressiveness within projects developed in our workshops.

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