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Unreliable Witness

17 – 21 February

Shopfront Arts Co-op presents ArtsLab: Unreliable Witness, a festival of 6 new works by emerging artists.

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Tiny Universe

20 – 29 May

What’s happening in our private moments that no one else might be able to see or understand?

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A Senior Ensemble Production:

10 – 13 June

We hear a lot about the ‘new normal’, but can the post-Covid, post-Trump world we’re living in really be considered ‘normal’ at all?

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Drag in the Daytime!

POSTPONED! New Dates will be announced soon!

An all-ages, accessible celebration of queer art, culture and community

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A Shopfront Member Production:
In the Event of Moon Disaster

14 – 17 October

In the Event of Moon Disaster follows a small team of NASA employees, amateur filmmakers and a backup team of astronauts, as they attempt to successfully complete one of the biggest conspiracy theories in history.

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A Junior Ensemble Show:
Exquisite Corpse

21 – 24 October

Once upon a time there was a story. This is a story about that story. It is the story that started it all.

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The Lies We Were Told

24 November – 5 December

We grow up being lied to. Often for good reasons; so we can believe in something magical, to believe we can be whoever we want to be, or to shield us from pain.

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4 + 5 December

Our in-house workshop groups have been busy creating short films and performance pieces so now we’re opening up the building for everyone to come see!

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Little Jokes in Times of War

Postponed. Will return in 2022!

Charlotte has always loved a crisis. She likes to think she gets it from her family. The Hungarian side of her family, that is. The side she always tells stories about.

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