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Shopfront supports a YES vote on October 14.

On October 14th Australia will vote in a referendum on whether to enact a Voice to Parliament that recognises the First Peoples of Australia.

Shopfront Arts Co-Op is a community for all people, and a place where all voices are heard and encouraged. On October 14 we are supporting a YES vote.

We work learn and play on the stolen lands of the Bidjigal and Kameyagal people in Eora (Sydney). We acknowledge that the storytelling that happens here is proceeded by the longest living culture on Earth, who for millennia have told stories on this land.

While we do not claim to speak on behalf of everyone who attends, engages or works with Shopfront, the core team at Shopfront believe in the establishment of a Voice to Parliament. Many of the Young People we work with, who cannot vote in this referendum due to their age, believe strongly in a Yes vote. We believe it is important for us, at this moment, to amplify their voices when they otherwise will not be heard. We are committed to continued truth telling and see this referendum as a first step in a long walk beside our First Nations People towards a better future for all Young People on this land.

At Shopfront we respect that there is a diversity of views in this conversation. We believe in everyone’s right to express their voice and understand that everyone will arrive at their own decision for their own reasons in the upcoming referendum on October 14th. We encourage all Australians to research this referendum and engage in respectful conversation.

For anyone uncertain or looking for more resources for their research we have linked to some websites and resources below that explain the question and what we are being asked. Do not feel limited by these resources, and do your own research.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a one page document, which calls for the establishment of a Voice to Parliament enshrined in the constitution.

It was created from a series of dialogues across the country with First Nations communities and leaders and reflects the views of a majority of First Nations Peoples. You can learn about how the statement was crafted HERE. 

You can read the Uluru Statement in it’s entirety here. 

This document was created by Empowered Communities, through consultation with 10 regions. It contains information and history around recognition for our First Peoples, and topics for conversation to help you speak with others about The Voice.

ACCESS ‘Voice. Partnership. Empowerment. Information for Conversations’ HERE 

The official website of the Yes campaign, which is a large grassroots campaign that provides information and resources about The Voice.

On this website you can find Information about The Voice, Campaign Resources, Social Media Resources, and provides tangible action you can take leading up to October 14th.


A fact sheet from the Australian Electoral Commission, and independent body that exists outside of political parties to maintain the integrity of our electoral processes.

This document gives you some information about what a Referendum means, and what actions can come after the result.


An Information Booklet created and distributed by The Australian Government that provides information around The Referendum to enshrine a Voice to Parliament.

It is eight pages long and covers key questions about what The Voice can and cannot do, and how the referendum will function.


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