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Bravehearts is the leader in personal safety education in Australia, offering a range of programs targeted at children from Early Years right through to high school. Our programs are professionally developed according to the learning needs of each specific age group and are highly trusted and acclaimed by teachers and parents nationwide.

Safe4Kids Protective Education Program
The Safe4Kids Protective Education Program is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive child protection education program designed to empower children and provide them with the skills that will help protect them from sexual abuse and build their resilience and assertiveness.


Shopfront Staff and Members must abide by a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct sets out reasonable expectations for behavior when engaging with us. You can find a copy by clicking below:

Code of Conduct


The eSafety Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner was established as an independent statutory office under the Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015.
Initially, these functions primarily related to enhancing online safety for Australian children. In 2017, the Act was amended to expand the Commissioner’s remit to promoting and enhancing online safety for all Australians.

The Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free (even from a mobile), confidential 24/7 online and phone counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25.

Mental Health Resources

At Shopfront we care about the mental health and well-being of our members and our wider community. Feeling distressed, unhappy, or just generally unsettled is a common response to change and challenges in times of uncertainty. We have compiled a list of resources that may be useful if you are experiencing a difficult time.

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